Download Lotus Word Pro 96 Pre-Release for OS/2 Warp

Please Read Before Downloading and Installing the Word Pro 96 Pre-Release

This fully-functional Pre-Release edition of Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp is provided for your evaluation purposes. There are a few areas where finishing-touches are required (see the Word Pro 96 Release Notes for more information) prior to final product release. As such, no warranty or support is provided.


This Pre-Release edition of Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp may be installed on OS/2 Warp V3 after the installation of the IBM FixPak 23 "Special Edition" available only on this Web site (not available from IBM and not the same as the standard edition of FixPak 23) or on OS/2 Warp V4 (code-named Merlin).

Disk Space Requirements for Download and Expansion of Word Pro 96 Files

You must have sufficient disk local or network-attached hard disk space available (approximately 30 Mb if you download, extract, and delete each compressed file one at a time) to download and expand each of the four compressed Word Pro 96 files to create the Word Pro installation program. NOTE: You may download and expand each file onto a network attached hard drive and install Word Pro on your local OS/2 Warp V3 system directly from the network drive. Additionally, you must have approximately 37 Mb of disk space available on your local OS/2 system for a full-featured installation of the Pre-Release edition of Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp (or approx. 17 Mb for a minimal feature-set installation).

If you have the required amount of hard disk space available, create a temporary subdirectory (such as WP96INST) and download each of the four compressed files into this subdirectory. Next, issue the command WORDPROn (where "n" is the file number) to expand each file and create the required Word Pro install files.

Self-extracting ZIP files for the Word Pro 96 Pre-Release

Once you have downloaded and extracted each file into the temporary subdirectory you may delete each downloaded file, if necessary, to save disk space. See the Word Pro 96 Release Notes (WORDPRO.TXT file) for installation instructions. After you have installed Word Pro, rebooted your OS/2 system, and verified Word Pro 96 appears to be functioning correctly - use the DRIVES facility of OS/2 Warp V3 or OS/2 Warp V4 to delete the temporary subdirectory into which you extracted the Word Pro 96 installation program.

Word Pro 96 Self-Extracting Zip Files (Extract Using WORDPROn -D)


Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp Overview Guide

Below is a Word Pro 96 for OS/2 Warp Overview Guide (in Word Pro format) which describes the new functions and features found in Freelance Graphics 96. NOTE: The overview guide is compressed in a self-extracting OS/2 executable, so you must be running OS/2 to extract the Word Pro (.LWP) document.


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Updated: 09/23/96